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A lo largo de los años he tenido el placer de trabajar con y para personas de medio mundo. Sin estas experiencias sería la persona que soy hoy en día y les estaré eternamente reconocido. Os dejo aquí abajo  testimonios de algunas de esas personas.

If Marketing Data had rock stars, Rene would be one of them. His solid background in analytics combined with his wealth of experience as a pioneer the Digital space makes his insight unmissable.

Andreas Cohen – Tribal leader of the Smart Data Marketing Elite – Scientist of life finer moments – Foodtrotter

René me ayudó en un momento crucial de hacer crecer la estrategia de social media en BBVA, en un momento de foco hacia el engagement. La seriedad de tu trabajo y las solucionesplanteadas han dado sus frutos. Mi gratitud.

Bernardo Crespo – Beyond Digital – Start-up Investor – Speaker – Academic Director – BusinessTransformation – IE Business School

Working with Rene is the best way to feel confident in everything you do. Confident, because of his innovative business vision and his capacity for problem solving. Most of what I’ve learned about managing client expectations, getting decision makers consensus and establishing the right processes, I’ve learned it from René. No matter the difficulties you will find in the not so easy field of digital strategy ( and you will find many ) with René leading the project you can be sure it will be perfectly managed But the most important learning I will always bring with me after working with him is his focus on measurement and business results. I will always recommend René to those companies looking for the right approach to technology from a business perspective, looking for the right leader and innovation driver.

Javier Godoy – Senior Product Owner Omnichannel Analytics BBVA

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing René for many years and had the privilege to collaborate with him on multiple occasions. He has been a strong performer and valued, trusted partner In all our business engagements. In particular, I’ve come to trust his instincts in dealing with senior staff: as a former agency head, he has great business instincts and is focused on the mutual win that puts clients ahead and gets the job done. And he’s just one hell of a good guy 🙂

Alex Langshur – Founder & co-CEO of Cardinal Path

I first met Rene when we were both involved in the global development of the Digital Analytics Association in the early days of its development. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rene of the various initiatives we were involved in. He always brought enthusiasm, knowledge and entrepreneurship to the task in equal measure. On top of that he’s perfect company to be around and has an exquisite taste in chocolate. I’ve been privileged to be able to take advantage of both these facets many times over the years.

Neil Mason – Experience Customer and Digital Analytics Professional

René listens. René thinks. René charts new territories. Be it with OX2 or Mind Your Group, he has demonstrated his strong entrepreneurial spirit. Backed with excellent analytical skills and an acute knowledge of data-driven management, René balances those “hard” skills with “softer” ones like a great sense of humour and a desire to keep it human. All in all, René combines management skills and knowledge of the digital world to walk the talk and bring his expertise to clients and share his knowledge with the digital analytics community.

Stéphane Hamel – All the world is made  of faith, and trust, and privacy dust.

René is ultra straightforward and results driven. I also had thechance to discover his extra touch of creativity which is a real‘plus’ in the digital sector. Impatient to work again with René!

Mike Vandenhooft – Internet Entrepreneur & e-Commerce Passionate

Rene is both a brilliant analytical mind and a successful serial entrepreneur. But where we’ve had the most opportunity to collaborate is on the topic of privacy in the digital age, to which Rene brings a thoughtful and subtle perspective. I find that Rene’s business background gives him a more pragmatic and nuanced approach to the challenges of protecting customer privacy than you often hear, which is a huge asset.

Blair Revees – Director of Product Management at Salesforce

During a two day course about sales and general sales management, I’ve got to know René as a passionate and charismatic online marketing professional who isn’t shy of charing his experiences, advice and insights with other passionate online marketeers. I personally enjoyed the time he made to go deeper into the individual challenges of the business owners, like myself, in his audience. These sessions I found particular interesting and they have given me practical insights and to-do’s.

Michel De Baer – Zaakvoerder at OMcollective

René is driven by entrepreneurship, extremely strong communicator and possesses excellent business «flair». Working with him allowed me to learn a lot about selling, understanding personae of our customer/prospects and thinking in use cases.

Sébastien Lenaerts – Marketing Communications Manager at Didit

René was one of our guest speakers at the entrepreneurship course we teach at UBI http://www.ubi.edu, the leading Business School in Brussels. This session was just fantastic. Not only is René’s entrepreneurial track exceptional but he’s giving a lot to the students: anecdotes, dilemma’s, successes and failures, examples, … with empathy and humour. Thanks to him.

Vincent Selenne – Games specialist- Educational games, business games, publisher

René unites in his working personality three attitudes you rarely find together in one person: True commitment, passion and endless energy. His love, wit and overall contribution to the web analytics industry is tremendous and I rarely met a person so willing and able to evangelise, reflect and move a subject forward.

Oliver Schiffers – Digital Marketing and Transformation Executive

René understands the business requirements of his clients very well and provides tailored solutions in short time. René has a great experience in his field of competence and by this can evaluate and propose different options and solutions with all related pro’s and con’s in order to let the sponsor chose the best practice for their need.

I can strongly recommend working with René as he offers deep insights, thinking out-of-the-box, and quick and practicable solutions. Professional consultancy at it’s best!

Matthias Bettag – Co-Chair Digital Analytics Hub – Senior Data Strategist at ODOSCOPE

I have known Rene for over 5 years. He is articulate, energeticand understands how to use web analytics to drive customersuccess. He brings a deep well of creativity and excitement to customer engagements and has the ability to align resources to optimise clients’ ROI.

Tracie Caroopen – Driving Digital Transformation in Customer Experience for leading Enterprises

Sometimes I think I admire René most for his ability to see so many sides of each issue. Sometimes I admire him most for his willingness to include as many people and points of view as possible into a discussion. He has such great enthusiasm for new ideas and the possibilities of what can work on the Internet. His deep knowledge of the technical side of the Web and his deep understanding of sales, marketing and branding are also admirable. But I think the thing about René that I admire the most is his ability to merge all of these together with an innate sense of how best to conduct business – profitably but fairly, competitively but in a spirit of community and always with a smile and a willingness to help others. Throw in a wonderful sense of humor, a ridiculous amount of intelligence and a massive joie de vivre and you have a man who is a font of knowledge and fun to hang out with.

Jim Sterne – Marketing Analytics Summit – Director Emeritus Digital Analytics Association – Author & Keynoter on AI in Marketing

René is just an e-visionary doubled with a strong successfullyentrepreneur experience…. Don’t worry, just trust him… You wantmore…. Ask me. Sebastien.

Sebastien Doyen – Director Digital Attraxion

René is really passionated about the Web & Web Analytics. He and his company are really contribuing to the development of Web Analytics – not only in Belgium but also in Europe. He is fully committed to his «multi-task» role of CEO, account manager and WAA corporate member – doing a really great job and being very professional. On top of that, he is very nice person. What can you ask for more?

Michael Notté – Digital Analytics Lead and Managing Partner at Flying Fish

Rene is one of the most forward-thinking business people I know in all of Europe. His vision of how web analytics fits into the bigger picture of interactive design, content management, and the overall agency model is on-par with larger agencies taking a similar approach around the world. Additionally, Rene is among the most honest and forthright people I do business with and I am delighted that OX2 is one of Web Analytics Demystified’s first business partners.

Eric Peterson – Chief Executive Officer at Web Analytics Demystified Inc.

Working with René is so energizing. René has this great capacityto link with people and quickly understand your business as wellas your needs. This allows him to give you relevant advices in order to make you and your company striding into the future.Thank you René!

Valérie Leonard – PR and Communication Specialist

Working with René is always a pleasure. Always thinking 3 steps ahead when seeking for a solution, finding the one you never would dare to consider but gives you finally the best results.

Xavier Huysmans – Change, Communication & Digital Specialist

Knowing René for a very longtime, working with him for a numerous projects seemed obvious. Again and again, he impressed me with his dedication, professionalism and creativity for a state-of-the-art result.
The «after sale» relationship is perfect with very short reaction time!
Great to do business with René and it’s fantastic team.


René and his team have shown great pro-active thinking,anticipating our short term and longer term needs. OX2 stands for a combination of strong technical skills with remarkable flexibility, assuring timely delivery of almost any kind of web project with peace of mind…

Jan-Frans Lemmens – External communications manager & spokesperson at Smals

A power networker, René follows his long term vision of the Web and of Internet companies, and his enthusiasm is very contagious!
René is the driving force behind OX2’s success, not only because he manages it well but also because he is a hands-on boss. In that regard, I like to think that I work with him and not just for him.

Julien Coquet – Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive

René combines the true understanding of the value of web analytics with a passion for the web channel. He is interested in seeing the web analytics industry, and its people, grow. René seems to have an endless supply of energy. If there is such a thing as web analytics superstars in Europe then René and his team would fit the bill.

Lars Johansson – Managing Director at Outfox

I worked with René during his mission at OFUB. He was responsible for a sales region with 15 sales reps. He was a good motivator, an excellent ‘chef’ : through his close social relationship with his team, he pushed them to excellent results. After wards we took him as sales manager for the french speaking region of Belgium. He confirmed our beleive that he was was an excellent sales manager !

Pieter Casneuf – Chief Executive Officer at ONTOFORCE


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